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This Week In Earnings - June 12th - 16th

There are only two more weeks left in this quarter and we definitely see a decline in earnings releases this week. The notable names are small, but there are some big dogs coming outside this week.

We are especially looking to see what Adobe says on Thursday (June 15th) as Adobe has been a great performer this year. Adobe is up 39% YTD and is it possible for them to accelerate even more upon the release of their Q2 earnings?

We shall see...

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June 12th

1. Oracle (ORCL) - Ranked #34 Large Cap Stock Category

June 14th

2. Lennar (LEN) - Ranked #62 Large Cap Stock Category

June 15th

3. Adobe (ADBE) - Ranked #15 Large Cap Stock Category

4. Kroger (KR) - Ranked #35 Large Cap Stock Category

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