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The Week Ahead & A Look Back - April 15th - 19th

The Week Ahead

As we head into the middle of April, several major U.S. companies are set to report their latest quarterly earnings results. Here's a quick rundown of the key earnings announcements to watch for this week:

Monday, April 15

  • Charles Schwab - ★★★★ : The financial services giant will kick things off on Monday morning. Analysts will be looking for updates on the company's retail brokerage business and how rising interest rates have impacted its earnings.

  • Goldman Sachs - ★★★★ : One of the premier investment banks on Wall Street, Goldman is expected to provide insights into the state of the capital markets and trading environment.

Tuesday, April 16

  • UnitedHealth - ★★★★ : The largest private health insurer in the United States, UnitedHealth's results will offer a glimpse into trends in the healthcare industry.

  • PNC Financial - ★★★★: This regional banking powerhouse will report, giving investors a read on the consumer and commercial lending markets.

  • Morgan Stanley - ★★★★: As another major Wall Street firm, Morgan Stanley's numbers will be closely watched for performance in its wealth management, investment banking, and trading divisions.

Wednesday, April 17

  • U.S. Bancorp - ★★★ : The fifth largest bank in the country, U.S. Bancorp's report could provide clues about the health of the consumer and commercial banking sectors.

  • SL Green - ★★: This New York City-focused real estate investment trust (REIT) will give an update on the commercial property market, especially in the key Manhattan office market.

Thursday, April 18

  • Blackstone - ★★★★ : The alternative asset management giant, which oversees $1 trillion in assets, will likely share insights into investing trends across private equity, real estate, and other alternative strategies.

  • Netflix - ★★★★ : The streaming video pioneer will be in the spotlight as investors assess its subscriber growth, content spending, and competitive positioning against rivals like Disney, Max, Paramount and others.

Friday, April 19

  • American Express - ★★★ : The credit card issuer and global payments company will round out the week, offering a window into consumer spending patterns and the health of the broader payments ecosystem.

This slate of earnings reports should give the market a comprehensive update on the state of the U.S. economy and various industry sectors as we move through the second quarter of 2024. Stay tuned for the latest results and commentary from these bellwether companies.

A Look Back

  • Morgan Stanley Stock Tumbles on Wealth Unit Probe; Put Contracts Surge 180%

Morgan Stanley - ★★★★ - Ranked #25 in our Q2 2024 Large Cap Equity Rankings

Shares of Morgan Stanley (MS) plummeted by 5.25% on Thursday, as the financial services giant's wealth management division came under intense regulatory scrutiny. Multiple federal agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, are reportedly investigating the company's client onboarding process and anti-money laundering (AML) practices.

  • Moderna Jumps 6% as Cancer Vaccine Data Impresses, $110 Call Options Surge 68%

Moderna - ★★★ - Ranked #82 in our Q2 Large Cap Equity Rankings

Shares of Moderna Inc. rose 6% in Tuesday's trading after the company reported positive early results from a study of its experimental cancer vaccine.

The mRNA-4157 vaccine, when combined with Merck's immunotherapy drug Keytruda, was found to activate immune responses in patients with a type of head and neck cancer. Data from the 22 patients in the early-stage study also showed the drug combination was safe and well-tolerated.

The stock surge was accompanied by a 68% jump in the price of Moderna's May 17 2024 expiration $110 strike price call options, indicating high investor confidence in the company's near-term prospects following the vaccine data.

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