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Snowflake (SNOW) Options Idea Soars: 120% Gains in a Single Day!

If you've been following our options ideas,

you have seen some of our ideas produce pretty good returns.

Back on October 23rd, we highlighted an options opportunity for Snowflake Inc. (SNOW) that had the potential to yield significant returns. We recommended keeping an eye on the December 15 expiration 160 strike price contract for Snowflake (SNOW), which had a premium of $8.55 at that time. Fast forward to yesterday, and this contract surged ove 100% from the previous day close. Its premium now standing at $12.15, up over 40% from our initial analysis.

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Here's a closer look at how this particular options idea played out:

The Options Idea

On October 23rd, we pointed out the potential in the Snowflake (SNOW) options market. We honed in on the December 15 expiration 160 strike price contract, which was trading at a premium of $8.55.

The Remarkable Gains

Now, just over a month later, we're thrilled to report that this particular option has surged over 100% from the prior day close, reflecting a premium of $12.15. Yesterday's move reflects 40% return on the contract since our publication on October 23.

This incredible growth showcases the rewards that well-timed options trading can offer. Whether you're an experienced trader or new to the world of options, these gains demonstrate the possibilities that exist when you stay informed and make strategic moves.

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